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  1. This product requires internet to function
  2. This product so far only works on windows

Business intercom

Our innovative intercom system facilitates seamless communication with your personnel through their designated work or home computing devices. This product includes two downloadable components: a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is installed on all staff or teachers' work devices, such as digi boards, laptops, or projectors, accessible via an installer located within the provided folder.

The second download offers three variants: an application for laptops, a dedicated page within our PSS app, and a webpage on our official site. These interfaces empower users to control the intercom system and serve as the transmitter. Please note that upon request, you will receive an email containing the download link within a maximum of five days. During installation, your agreement to the separate release of liability is required. Additionally, please be advised that in the event of announced delays in orders within a specified timeframe, the maximum five-day period for download delivery may be subject to extension. Important notice: Upon purchasing this software, additional details must be provided. These include an admin password designed to prevent unauthorized removal of the receiver and the name of your business/school. This information enables us to efficiently track and assign channels corresponding to your establishment.

extra information

This software represents a one-time purchase, securing perpetual ownership upon acquisition. At the time of purchase, you'll establish a customized administrative password, which will be hard-coded into the software upon delivery. This personalized administrative access enables uninstallation of the software if necessary. Moreover, a user-specific identifier is requested to streamline channel organization, guaranteeing exclusive access and preventing unauthorized usage or communication through the intercom