Restaurant WebMenu!

This is a web menu system designed to work with QR codes.

To set it up, you'll place the QR stickers we provide on the tables. These stickers are programmed to identify the specific table a customer is seated at when they scan the QR code.

Once your customers scan the QR code at their table, they'll be automatically directed to a webpage where they can view the menu. You have the flexibility to update the menu easily and as often as you'd like, thanks to the partnership between Jouwweb and PSS.

Your customers can also place orders directly through the QR code. They simply enter their desired items and quantities, and this information is sent to an email address you specify. If you have a password for accessing this email, it will be included. Additionally, you have the option to set up a TV, laptop, or mobile device in the kitchen area that the chefs can use to view incoming orders.

If needed, we can assist you with the installation of the TV, laptop, or mobile device. Just let us know your requirements, and we'll handle the setup.

Other Options Included

call button

If the customer prefers a standard service, they have the option to speak with a live representative who will assist them seamlessly on the same platform.

Free panel

A free and user-friendly dashboard where you can easily edit the menu. using a partner ship with Jouwweb

Free email / Order announcements

We have an email system where all orders are received. This setup can be displayed on a TV, laptop, or mobile device and placed in the kitchen for the chefs to view. We can even implement a claim system, allowing a chef to mark a specific order as their responsibility. This way, the order will either be hidden for others or marked with a flag indicating that it's already being prepared