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earn a advancement

to earn advancements you need to verify that you realy earned them this is mostly done by sending a picture containing the proof for example a picture showing you on the mount everest or smth

click me to send a picture


show a job application

allowance saving

get/save 100 of any goverment currency from youre parrents

Boddy count

heave/had at least 5 relationships


- requires min 5 selfies of every relation

I dident know

Break at least 5 rules in youre school/work enviorment without getting expelled/fired

Friendly Fire

Say The N-word with an N-pass and make someone Mad


-requires sound recording

estas unsando este software de traduccion de form..

Know over 5 languages

-NO CHEATING [google/gpt is cheating]

in ma moms car.. vroom vroom

Drive somewhere and take a picture of you in de driver seat of a moving car


-requires video evidence